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A sucker for love and dreams.
Break my trust once so that things will never be the same again.
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Happy Birthday, Queen Mother!!! 😘 (at Marikinuhhh)

Advance birthday celebration for Mama and entire day with Tweety Bird @thejomcaberte 💓 We missed you @rjcaberte_ #padalakanapleasekulangeh😂

Hi, Love! Guess Mama is into LABELS 😂 @simmyah

Happy Birthday to my annoying college bestfriend, @mariostarrrrr Key to lasting friendship: loyalty and shutting up when needed. Bawi ako soon swear!!! See you, Damulag! 🌁 #catheringservices

Qtime with my King who hates “publicity photos” 👨👑


Ask. Believe. Receive. #claimingit #startedfromthebottomnowwerehere 🙏💓

3 hours of waiting + 3 hours before we arrived home.. All worth it because THE KING IS BACK! (Hi ma, sorry ma. MNL > BOHOL) 👸👨👑

Pakiexplain!!!! My phone’s screen has been this way since the weekend. 😩😩😩😩

When I was a kid and you’d arrive from wherever your job took you, I’d be so distant and ask who you were. But things have changed and here I am, a certified Daddy’s girl!! Sorry if being an only child didn’t mean an easy-breezy parenting because I’m too much to handle (and as if having a wife like Mama isnt! Hihi). Can’t wait to annoy you even more!! I love you!!