The Real Deal

A sucker for love and dreams.
Break my trust once so that things will never be the same again.

Godzilla, I wish you more birthdays like Sinulog 2014— Epic, full of life and worth remembering FOREVER. I love you enough to make you an animal. Happy Birthday!!! Good girl na lagi. Dont talk to strangers. 🙊😂💓

My father is forever my kakampi! He used my Mother’s phone to tell me she has been buying stuff without my knowledge. HAHAHAHAHAHA

#malalanato 🙊😍

You always say having me as the only child is already equivalent to having three kids. I admire your patience, resilience and staying power. 😂 I am brave now because you are here to defend me from the Queen Mother. Haha! Wish I could be there in Bohol to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, POP!!!!!! #daddysgirlforever 😘💓😍

Happiest Birthday to my all-time favorite baby boy! Ate loves you very much! Bonggang birthday once I’m home. 💓


I was never after the quantity but rather, the quality of friendships. Alammoyanteh. More Qtime with your #TheNakedTruth braso, Love! @simmyah #threedressesmeanitwillhappen

#MarikinaLife 💓 (at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo)

Happiest Birthday to the best Tito in the universe!! Cant imagine living in Marikina without you. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve done to the whole fam. Bawi gyud ko someday promise!!!! Stay healthy and dont give up on us pls 😂 We love you!!! 💓💋 @arthurocaberte

Stressed, when spelled backwards, is desserts. Hello, refillable fondue.