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A sucker for love and dreams.
Break my trust once so that things will never be the same again.
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#MarikinaLife 💓 (at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo)

Happiest Birthday to the best Tito in the universe!! Cant imagine living in Marikina without you. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve done to the whole fam. Bawi gyud ko someday promise!!!! Stay healthy and dont give up on us pls 😂 We love you!!! 💓💋 @arthurocaberte

Stressed, when spelled backwards, is desserts. Hello, refillable fondue.

Happiest Birthday greetings to my brother from another mother, @tadzmania. I wish you a heavy downpour of love, happiness, kakilitan and our fave Roshe Runs. You know I love and miss you!!!! Pakabait ka… 😂

My life yet again. 🙊

Thank you for tolerating me and allowing me to drag you to places at the most unlikely hours. 💓 #daddysgirlforever (at Le Ching Tea House)

He’s baaaack!!! 💓💓💓

Me: Can we be friends?
Namie: FINE! 😂💓 #Minnie

Happy Birthday to my first fave nephew and first little playmate! When you were a kid, you were so mad when I saved up and gave you a tshirt. BUT NOW LAMBING NIMO KAY SHIRTS AND SHOES HAHAHA! Ate loves you so much! You’re still my bolantoy 💓 #picturikobeh

Happy Birthday, Louis!!!! Super gwapo mo na, big boy ka na. Always be good. See you soon, cutie! Ate loves you so much!!!! @malouis sorry i just had to post the photo also! 💓